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As probably you know the "BlueSteel-Basic" is very similar to Beaglebone Black. for that reason, probably, the root filesystem that we built in our first article should boot. Now that we have a minimal root filesystem we'll add a new Yocto BSP layer to introduce the modifications necessaries to add full support for our BlueSteel-Basic board. The Yocto Project provides a script that creates a new BSP layer for any architecture.

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Sofcrates Engineers have pushed three patches to the mainline kernel that will
be part of the next Linux kernel release.

[PATCH 1/3]: gpio: omap: Add an omap prefix to all functions
[PATCH 2/3]: gpio: omap: Remove unneeded include
[PATCH 3/3]: gpio: omap: Remove unnecessary lockdep class


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CircuitCo announced an HDMI  and flash-free OEM version of the BeagleBone Black called the “BlueSteel-Basic,” to be followed by industrial and COM versions. These are good news for companies that want to use this popular development platform for real industrial projects. Although the BlueSteel-Basic is not available yet, we can start preparing our industrial application to run on it.