As probably you know the "BlueSteel-Basic" is very similar to Beaglebone Black. for that reason, probably, the root filesystem that we built in our first article should boot. Now that we have a minimal root filesystem we'll add a new Yocto BSP layer to introduce the modifications necessaries to add full support for our BlueSteel-Basic board. The Yocto Project provides a script that creates a new BSP layer for any architecture.

Sofcrates Engineers have pushed three patches to the mainline kernel that will
be part of the next Linux kernel release.

[PATCH 1/3]: gpio: omap: Add an omap prefix to all functions
[PATCH 2/3]: gpio: omap: Remove unneeded include
[PATCH 3/3]: gpio: omap: Remove unnecessary lockdep class


CircuitCo announced an HDMI  and flash-free OEM version of the BeagleBone Black called the “BlueSteel-Basic,” to be followed by industrial and COM versions. These are good news for companies that want to use this popular development platform for real industrial projects. Although the BlueSteel-Basic is not available yet, we can start preparing our industrial application to run on it.

Using kernel config fragments

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 18:05

At Softcrates we maintain a lot of kernel trees for our customers and are constantly trying to improve our processes to be efficient and spent the less possible time when updating the kernel to newer versions. One problem with Linux embedded platforms is that silicon vendors don't have a complete support for their chips in the mainline kernel. Instead they fork the kernel and create a vendor tree with all the support.


Monday, 05 May 2014 17:36

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